Letter to the Editor

Active discussion

Arroyo GrandeFebruary 17, 2014 

On Feb. 6 The Tribune ran a tasteless cartoon that showed contempt for the 68 percent of the American public who do believe in God’s creative powers. Perhaps the cartoonist and his adherents should consider the benefit of public debates on the subject of creation versus evolution if they want to sway the majority of Americans.

A good education includes active discussion on both sides of an issue, not force-feeding a theory down the public’s throats. I have talked to many college students who are ridiculed and humiliated in the classroom by their professors if they question evolutionary theory at all.

So it seems obvious that the tactic of contempt and ridicule has failed to win over the masses. And your cartoonist’s insults do nothing to help, but do make a complete mockery of the press.

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