Letter to the Editor

Local benefits of Gaga

Morro BayFebruary 17, 2014 

What a thrill to read the headline news that Lady Gaga, her family, friends and associates, will be donating $250,000 to the Hearst Foundation to accomplish, among other benefits, the refilling of the now bone-dry Hearst Neptune Pool for a musical photo shoot!

The coup, recently announced by Hearst representatives, among its other local benefits, “could put the monument firmly on the radar of the millennial generation, many of whom may not even have heard of Hearst Castle.” And, while being thrilled by the visions of a once-again glistening Neptune, and the musical video to follow (I can hardly wait!), it just does seem a bit of a dichotomy. While the 345,000 gallons needed for this task seem only a drop in the bucket of our drought-ridden state, it seems a tad incongruous to fully appreciate this gift as crops are dying, toilets remain unflushed and our bodies go unwashed for days on end.

A far more meaningful accomplishment would be to do the shoot featuring the now-empty pool, with Lady Gaga inside. But then, again, that may not have the millennial appeal that seems such a requisite in today’s brave new world.

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