Letter to the Editor

Indefensible position

Grover BeachFebruary 17, 2014 

Atascadero council members Roberta Fonzi and Heather Moreno claim they do not “compare themselves” to “ridiculed, persecuted, and even prosecuted” scientist Louis Pasteur, but are inspired by his example. Nonsense. Fonzi and Moreno are contemporary parallels of the government officials who hounded Pasteur on behalf of French physicians who feared loss of influence and income.

They allege that climate change science is distorted by a single viewpoint and “there is increasing debate” without providing any evidence of that distortion although they do trot out Richard Lindzen as a scientist who debates that “dogmatic approach.” Lindzen did publish papers in 2001 and 2009 arguing that the prevailing estimates of global warming were too high, but in 2011, he repudiated his own findings saying they were “just embarrassing.”

Fonzi, in a 2012 campaign speech to North County Tea Party members, made it very clear she has an automatic allergic reaction to regulations. If Fonzi and Moreno were simply to say climate change action will be expensive, onerous, difficult and unwelcome and we reject it on that basis, rather than weaseling and obfuscating, that wouldn’t be helpful, but it would at least be honest and even defensible.

Their positions at this point are neither.

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