Letter to the Editor

Spay or neuter pets

Director of shelter medicine, Woods Humane SocietyFebruary 16, 2014 

Feb. 25 is World Spay Day. World Spay Day raises awareness that spaying and neutering saves the lives of pets, community cats and street dogs that might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street. More than 12 million dogs and cats are born each year and 10 million homeless animals enter shelters each year. An estimated 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats, dogs, kittens and puppies are euthanized in U.S. shelters each year. The sad truth is that there are just not enough homes for all the dogs and cats born each year.

The solution to this problem is simple: spay or neuter your pets before they have a chance to have a litter. Cats can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age and dogs as early as 5 months of age. Spayed and neutered animals make better pets, and studies have shown that they live longer than unaltered animals.

Please visit woods humanesociety.org   for a list of local clinics offering discounts for spay/ neuter surgery during this time. Additional information about World Spay Day can also be found at https://worldspayday.org.

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