Letter to the Editor

Sewer plant rebid?

Morro BayFebruary 14, 2014 

Regarding the Los Osos sewer treatment plant bid process: The question in my mind is why didn’t the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors reject all bids and send it out for a rebid?

As Supervisor Adam Hill explained so carefully, this was an important, expensive project that will add to our economy and put local contractors to work. I have attended several bid openings, and, yes, there can be any number of glitches. These openings are immediate, and those involved must make decisions on the spot.

But the option to reject all bids and rebid is always there. I have heard not wanting to delay the project was the cause of not rebidding it. Is that the cause, and was it important enough to spend the additional money and have some local contractors eliminated? Could the company that did receive the bid (not the lowest price) work with our local contractors instead of out-of-the-area firms? Just wondering. I read Hill’s Viewpoint (Feb. 5) and was moved by his sensitivity to our local businesses and workers.

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