Letter to the Editor

Teacher salaries

NipomoFebruary 14, 2014 

Thank you to The Tribune for delving into the topic of teacher salary in the Feb. 9 edition. It is good to hear that teacher salary is a top priority to the Lucia Mar Unified School District board.

I am a parent and a teacher in the Lucia Mar, and I have firsthand knowledge of the disparity our teachers are feeling. We have seen experienced teacher after experienced teacher leave for surrounding districts solely because those districts pay better. This is my 20th year teaching, and I would make $18,000 more each year if I could transfer to San Luis Coastal or Santa Maria at my current level of experience.

As a parent, I am very concerned about the quality teachers who are leaving and have left our district. Our district has become the farm team for surrounding districts. If one goes to San Luis Obispo or Pioneer Valley high schools, one will easily find experienced former Nipomo High School teachers. Let’s show our appreciation for the teachers who have weathered the storms in this district. If we don’t, who will be left to teach our most valuable asset?

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