Test finds Coast Union coach, teacher Pam Kenyon cancer-free

Special to The CambrianFebruary 13, 2014 

Pam Kenyon

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The longtime, highly successful and much-appreciated Coast Union High School varsity volleyball coach and teacher Pam Kenyon got the best news she could possibly get on Monday, Feb. 10. Her doctor explained that “there were no better results I could have gotten on my PET scan.

“The tumor is probably inactive and there was no sign of cancer and so it is considered in remission.” Kenyon, who is battling colon cancer, began her chemotherapy in December, and still has two more rounds to go through.

With each round she will get an “infusion” of the chemo on a Monday, and take pills the rest of the week. Once those two rounds are completed, she will have a CAT scan to determine where in her colon the tumor is, and if the doctor is recommending removing it through surgery or with radiation.

Kenyon, a Coast Union graduate whose successful Bronco coaching career spans 23 years, has no preference as to whether the tumor is removed surgically or with radiation. “Whatever the doctor decides is best I’m good to go with.”

One of the doctor’s initial concerns was that the cancer might travel up into Kenyon’s lungs or into her liver, but with the latest PET scan that issue seems to have been rendered moot.
Asked about her response to the spaghetti fundraiser in mid-January that raised an estimated $17,000, she said, “Wow — Cambria is a wonderful place to be associated with.

y jaw dropped open. I couldn’t believe the turnout. Friends texted me pictures of how the event was going, and I could not believe it. I was stunned and amazed and deeply grateful. A lot of people worked really hard on that event. I am so thankful to be associated with such a wonderful group of people in Cambria.”

If she had all the many volunteers that worked on the fundraiser standing in front of her, what would she say to them? “I would probably break down and cry and thank the good Lord that I’m associated with all those people.”

Her main goal now — once the tumor is gone and her health returns — is to be “back at it” next fall, coaching volleyball and teaching science at Coast Union again.

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