Navy plane crash, Anzio, World War II week by week

Posted by David Middlecamp on February 12, 2014 

Telegram-Tribune of Feb. 5, 1944 told of the battle on the beach at Anzio and a Navy plane crash near Camp San Luis Obispo.


Feb. 5, 1944

One of three Navy bombers flying in formation crashed after diving above the hills at Camp San Luis Obispo. Members of the L.L. Hill family at 230 Hathway Ave. saw the plane fall and a trail of black smoke come up from the crash site. Official confirmation was not immediately available, but the story was verified by three eye witnesses.

American and British forces near Anzio, Italy, were involved in bitter hand-to-hand fighting that lasted for up to 4 hours.

Feb. 8, 1944

The county was seeking quiet title to park land in San Luis Obispo for use as a veterans memorial building. The property bounded by Grand, Mill and Palm streets had been deeded to San Luis Obispo for use as a campground or auto park by the North Side Improvement Association.

Feb. 9, 1944

One of the two men killed in the Navy dive bomber crash was identified at Lt. Cmdr. Harlan "Rocky" Dixon.

Quoting from the story: "Dixon, 29, one of the youngest lieutenant commanders in the Naval Air Forces, had received two Navy Crosses, one for blasting two carriers in the Coral Sea, and the second for locating the enemy carrier which sent planes to mortally wound the Yorktown in the battle of Midway and for directing planes to the enemy ship which subsequently was sunk. He also assisted in sinking three other Japanese vessels at Midway."

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