Letter to the Editor

Who’s divisive?

San Luis ObispoFebruary 12, 2014 

According to Chris Temple (Feb. 1), progressives are bullies who are wrecking the country with divisive policies. But, why is it “divisive” to provide access to affordable health care? Or protect the environment? Or ensure equal rights for all Americans? Or protect women’s health? Or respect hard-working immigrants? Or ensure a decent standard of living for those who are unemployed or can’t earn a sustainable wage? Yet, for conservatives, these issues are divisive. And, those who advocate for them are bullies.

The reality is that for conservatives, justice, fairness and equality are divisive. For conservatives, “divisive” is defined as anything that threatens the status quo and the entitlement of the super rich, corporations and the majority religion. And, anyone who dares challenge the status quo, who demands a seat at the table, is divisive and a bully.

If progressives hadn’t challenged the conservative status quo, then children would still work in factories, rivers would still be flammable, women couldn’t vote, seniors would live in poverty and Jim Crow would still be the law in the South. So, if ending those things was “divisive,” we need a lot more divisiveness as well as “bullies” who advocate for change.

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