Letter to the Editor

The most valuable resource

AtascaderoFebruary 10, 2014 

With the understanding that Cambria residents are upset with the notifications that water resources are at substantially low levels, and that they may have some uncomfortable measures that may be needed to take place, I find it extremely disturbing that we haven’t educated our public (everyone, everywhere) that clean water is our most valuable resource around the globe.

We need to teach and learn how to improve our daily schedules, and to realize that clean water is a very limited commodity — and not just in times of drought. We need to learn to use our dish water for watering our outside vegetable gardens or inside plants, reduce the water we use for flushing the toilet and preserve water in any way that we see possible. If we realized that in many countries around the world, people are bathing their newborn babies, washing their dishes and clothes, and cooking with water that is disturbingly polluted, or need to walk miles to obtain water necessary for survival, we would have a very, very different vision of the treasure that our water supply really is.

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