Letter to the Editor

Positive benefits

CambriaFebruary 10, 2014 

In his letter Jan. 20, Steve Kniffen of Cambria could see no positive benefits to fraternities or sororities, and admonished prospective members to “grow up” and “do away with fraternities.”

When I was attending UCLA, the college seemed overwhelming and impersonal. As a “townie” (commuter) I wasn’t making friends. Then I joined Zeta Beta Tau fraternity — I became part of a family, and my brothers provided moral support, friendship and urged each of us to make the most of our college education. Yes, we had parties and sometimes acted foolish, but who under 30 does not? We also did community service and raised money for charity, including UniCamp.

Today I am still in touch with many of my brothers, and my former roommate is still my best friend. Our chapter recently held a reunion, and my brothers are respected surgeons, oncologists, psychologists, lawyers, authors, accountants and more. We did grow up, and being in the fraternity helped us become contributing, productive members of society. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for my brothers in ZBT and the friends I made among other fraternities and sororities. I would not deny that wonderful experience to anyone.

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