Letter to the Editor

Poor Poly process

San Luis ObispoFebruary 3, 2014 

Here's a rendering of the proposed student housing project at Cal Poly.


Regarding the recent Viewpoint by Kenneth Schwartz, “Grand Avenue site poor for dorms" (Jan. 23): I really appreciated and agreed with his comments and urge Cal Poly to follow-up on the ideas he suggested. That the university has both an opportunity and an obligation to young people (and the state of California) to grow can’t be denied, but to do so without careful and creative planning is not acceptable. Cal Poly is certainly a real plus for the city of San Luis Obispo, but it also has a major impact on traffic and how the broader community continues to develop.

The process used in developing the plan for the Grand Avenue entrance housing is a classic example of “decide, announce and defend;” it’s not a planning process to be admired or expected for an institution of this caliber. The community needs to be involved and consulted about the ongoing planning of the university.

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