The real bully here

AtascaderoFebruary 3, 2014 

Why is it that Democrats, who claim to be the political party that is opposite the party of selfishness, greed and bigotry, have to malign other groups of people to justify their good works?

It seems that every proposal by Democrats since Barack Obama became president has been an effort in division rather than “consensus building.” The ACA, aka Obamacare, was just a reaction to the evil profiteering insurance companies; President Obama even portrayed doctors as evil profiteers wanting to perform amputations for profit. Energy policy is a reaction to evil oil: gas and coal companies with owners and operators willing to destroy the planet. Gay marriage: Christian families who are for the most part perfectly willing to live and let live are portrayed as ignorant haters.

Can we list the ways Republicans have been accused of not caring for the poor, this time to justify raising the minimum wage and to pass some form of amnesty for illegals? What is the war on women? Who?

The election of the first black president was supposed to be transcendence. Our politics are reduced to bullying. Do the Democrats not have a single uniting ideal?

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