Templeton asks residents to cut water use by 20 percent

Those who repeatedly violate conservation policy could face fines and ultimately lose water service

kleslie@thetribunenews.comJanuary 30, 2014 


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Following Gov. Jerry Brown’s declaration of a California drought emergency earlier this month, the Templeton Community Services District declared a stage 1 water resource crisis Jan. 21, urging residents to curb water usage by 20 percent.

Stage 1 is the least severe of the district’s three water resource severity levels, and only requires that minimal actions and restrictions be implemented.

The district board of directors decided at its meeting Jan. 21 that it would declare a stage 1 water resource severity level, but it would implement the more extensive conservation efforts for a stage 2 severity level.

Under stage 2, all watering of lawns, shrubs and landscaping between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. is prohibited, as well as “water-wasting” activities such as washing streets, sidewalks and driveways rather than sweeping, letting hoses run without a controlling device and irrigation practices that result in water running off a property.

Any violations to the mandatory conservations efforts will result in two warnings from the district, then a one-gallon-per-minute flow restriction on the violator’s meter for a 48-hour period, with an installation and removal cost of $30 to the violator, according to a notification sent out to district customers with their January utility bills.

If the violations continue, the violator’s water meter will be removed and service stopped. It cannot be re-installed until the start of the next business day and after the violator pays a $50 reconnection charge.

For more information on the district’s water conservation efforts, visit www.templetoncsd.org.

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