Letter to the Editor

Brooks and Krugman

Los OsosJanuary 30, 2014 

What a contrast between the columns on income inequality by David Brooks on Jan. 23 and Paul Krugman on Jan. 24. Both are writers for The New York Times, but their approaches could not have been more in contrast.

Brooks’ excellent column was intelligent, well thought out and addressed the real complex issues that cause the problem. In contrast, Krugman launches into the popular liberal diatribe against the “undeserving” rich, which we are to understand is everyone richer than him. He goes on to say that anyone who achieves these riches is certain to be a crook (are you listening Mr. Buffet and Mr. Gates?).

Krugman doesn’t understand that it takes genius and hard work to become extremely wealthy. Some of these geniuses produced the technology that allows him to write such tripe. Most of them give more to charity than Krugman will make in his lifetime. How many jobs has he created?

He is also the “genius” who recently wrote that the national debt is of no consequence and that all Republicans hate the poor. Charming.

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