Letter to the Editor

Human activity

CambriaJanuary 30, 2014 

I don’t have to remind anyone that we’re in a severe drought and extraordinary climate events plague us worldwide. Yet global corporations and powerful individuals, in order to protect their own self-interests and profits, deny that human activity is to blame and do everything within their power to influence public opinion against anything that might undermine their bottom line.

Why do otherwise responsible individuals continue to act as if human activity makes no difference? Wouldn’t acting responsibly, and with accountability, be the prudent, rational and, in the truest sense, conservative thing to do?

One might expect that a responsible individual would consider the possibility that human activity is a contributing factor. We see the catastrophic results of human behavior from economics to politics and religion. Why is climate change considered so different?

People needlessly feel helpless to address these problems. Considering the possibilities — from lack of life-sustaining water to ever-increasingly destructive wildfires and the resulting suffering brought on by these catastrophes — shouldn’t we at the least act as if our human activity affects climate change and change our habits, our profligate consumption, accordingly? We have little to lose and everything to gain.

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