Letter to the Editor

Beacon to the homeless

San Luis ObispoJanuary 27, 2014 

My, oh my: Yet another recent article or editorial in support of the homeless. Hey, we get it: The Tribune supports more and more services for the homeless.

But we’re missing an important point here. Santa Barbara County and Monterey County have become less homeless friendly. Their homeless, those without roots, have flocked to our county because the police don’t hassle them as much, and the social workers are very nice.

The 200-bed homeless shelter has become a 100-bed homeless shelter for the same reason. These new homeless do not lend themselves to case management. They are often drug- or alcohol-addled and simply transient vagrants.

The 10-year plan to eradicate homelessness lies in ruins: the progress being near zero, the expenditure enormous.

Our new homeless denizens are more hard-scrabble, addicted and disturbed. If we keep making a better place for them, we can be assured we will attract more of them.

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