Letter to the Editor

No right to condemn

San Luis ObispoJanuary 24, 2014 

Contrary to Angie King in her Jan. 19 letter, we think 205 abortion restrictions passed by state legislators in 30 states in the past three years is a cause for celebration and thanksgiving. It is a call to continue the fight against the National Organization for Women (among others) as they seek to “protect” women by removing oversight over medical facilities used for abortion. NOW fought against every bill restriction passed, including requiring abortion doctors to have practice rights in local hospitals, and requiring abortion clinics to undergo and pass health standards. Just whose rights does NOW protect ? The abortionists’.

“Reproductive health” is doublespeak for “the right to kill infants,” 50 percent of whom are female. And NOW claims to protect women? Who is sexist?

Show me one scientific source that states an unborn baby is a part of the host mother’s body. The unborn baby is a separate, defenseless human being whom Angie and NOW claim the “right” to judge its worthiness of life, and the power to condemn it to a tortured death because its life is not convenient.

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