Letter to the Editor

Benghazi versus Iraq

Paso RoblesJanuary 23, 2014 

Regarding the Ralph Bush letter on dereliction of duty concerning the Benghazi affair, let us make a comparison:

Benghazi had four deaths.

In contrast, the Iraq War between 2001 and Feb. 5, 2013, left 4,475 dead and 32,220 wounded U.S. service members. There were 991 amputations — 797 of which were of major limbs. The Afghanistan War saw 2,165 killed and 18,230 wounded. There were 724 amputations; 696 of those involving major limbs.

The estimates of monetary cost — including long-term veteran care — of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan eventually total as much as $4 trillion, according to a 2011 Congressional Research Service Report and Brown University Research.

Jesus wept.

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