Letter to the Editor

To believe or not

Morro BayJanuary 22, 2014 

Thoughts on evolution (an unproven theory): If evolution were true, which even Darwin doubted, then there is only one law that exists: Everything will change — what was true yesterday is not today, and tomorrow will be different than today. What you believe does not matter to what I believe, and you have no right to impose on my truth, as I don’t on yours. Society is built on people’s ideas and has no bearing on me if I don’t choose to follow. Life is mine to define, and no person has the right to tell me I’m wrong because there is no underlying truth to base their imposition on me.

After all, don’t you believe that we are nothing more than genetic mutations? What right do you have to question my truth if you don’t have a basis for yours? Conclusion: For there to be a universal truth, there has to be a source of truth greater than our own, a creator. The right to choose to believe or not is yours.

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