Letter to the Editor

Banks and parking

CambriaJanuary 17, 2014 

Wow: Two banks merge and think they own a town — a small one like Cambria.

Great job on the old Bank of America building: How much did that cost? Oh, I forgot, you are now two banks. Well, spend it if you got it. It helps our local economy, good for the out-of-town boys.

Now for our townspeople: If you have a Heritage Oaks account and work at Linn’s, you’re OK. But if you don’t, your car could be towed. Every one of the 38 spaces in the new lot has a warning, “For bank customers only.” Every single one.

Come on, folks; even though you are now two banks in one, how many customers can you expect at any given time?

Bank of America allowed neighbors to park in its parking lot, but it seems that the new kids in East Village have a thorn under their thumb — or as we all know, a stick up ... well you know where.

This is a very gross mistake, or a very rude way to announce your presence. I’ll be sure to rush right out and open an account so I can have parking. Not.

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