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The Cambria Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting Oct. 15, 2013, to celebrate new owner Alvin Ferrer's purchase of Cambria Drug & Gift nearly a year prior from John Headding. Marking the moment above from left in front are chamber board member Michael Thompson, Ferrer, pharmacy employees Brittany Searle and Lindsay Flammer, and chamber Executive Director Mary Ann Carson. In back are chamber board member Steve Kniffen, pharmacy employees Brianna Podrasky, Teri Wittenberg, Margarita Alfaro and Christie Montoya, and chamber board member George Marschall board member.


‘Open arms’

Editor’s note: The following is a response to John Brannon’s column “So much kindness — and then there’s the exception” in the Jan. 9 Cambrian.

On behalf of my wife and daughter, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the countless number of Cambrians who have unconditionally welcomed us with open arms. We are truly grateful for all the outpouring of love and support we have received.

There have been so many people — both familiar and new — who have stopped by the pharmacy to give us their well wishes, and it has simply been overwhelming. Thank you very much.

My wife and I are proud to call Cambria our home. We have been here for over a year now, and this is where we intend to raise our family. We owe it to our daughter to not lie down to any bully, and to stand up for what is right.

We may be a bit challenged right now in having such a small child and a fledgling business, but my wife and I plan to increase our participation in the community in the coming months and years ahead.

I would also like to extend my hand out to everyone in the community, including to the person(s) who wrote the two notes and placed them in our mailbox, and to the elderly lady who I came across at the business center.

My wife gave me permission to come in earlier on Monday mornings from 8 to 9 a.m. in the pharmacy starting next week. My doors will be open to anyone who’d be willing to chat with me so that perhaps we can get to know each other a little better. I will not be doing any prescriptions during this time, nor will I be answering the phones.

I’ll even bring in something sweet to eat, and we can talk about anything you like — even if it’s a discussion on who the Raiders should select in the first round of this year’s draft.

John Brannon, thank you very much for listening to us and writing our story. Your pen is truly mightier than any sword I know, and hopefully this “exception” will not be done to anyone else. From where I come from, the words “respect” and “loyalty” resonate very clearly. And even though we may have just started getting to know each other, you already have my respect. And my loyalty.

And I am proud to call you my friend.

Alvin Ferrer, Pharm.D.


Kindness, not hatred

There are so many neighbors in our village who lend helping hands and hearts to others and they are recognized by The Cambrian through Letters to the Editor and articles about their kindness.

John Brannon has always been a voice of our neighbors’ kindness. Now we have hatred entering our village again — in the form of racism this time. Shame on those who bring pain and sorrow on individuals with their hatred. Perhaps those are the ones who should leave town.

Fortunately, there are fewer of “those” than there are of “us.”

By and large, we have a wonderful community here and it is up to all of “us” to maintain this paradise on earth.

John Brannon has been a tireless advocate of kind neighborly-ness for 30 years; he and his advocation will be missed. We wish you a fond farewell and may kindness and happiness follow you.

Nancy Green


‘Deeply saddened’

Open letter to Alvin Ferrer, D.Pharm, and family:

John Brannon’s Jan. 9 column describing the hateful speech and letters you have endured left us discouraged and deeply saddened. How can this happen in Cambria?
Such hateful behavior can occur anywhere, of course, but it just seems worse occurring in our community.

We regret the pain inflicted upon you. We hope you will take solace in knowing that we and the majority of Cambrians are happy you are here and that you have taken the helm of Cambria Drug & Gift. Under your direction, our community is in good hands.

Susan and Bob Detweiler


Cambrians for Change

Cambrians for Change will hold its next meeting at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20, at Rabobank, 1070 Main St., Cambria. The focus of the meeting will center on a water supply for Cambria, and more specifically, off-stream storage.

Preliminary volume studies of a site at a San Simeon Creek Road property owned by Mr. Clyde Warren have been prepared by William Rebik of AT Geosystems, Inc., in San Luis Obispo. Mr. Rebik will be at the meeting to discuss the studies, as will Mr. Clyde Warren, who requested the studies. (This site has not been looked at by the CCSD as an off-stream storage site).

There is recent discussion by Diane Feinstein and others on water storage. Who knows, maybe there will also be state and/or federal assistance offered in assisting such a project, considering the state’s drought situation. One thing’s for sure, if we had storage, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in at present.

The news from the Dec. 19 Cambria Community Services District board meeting was grave, to say the least. We learned that the much awaited Enviromental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement for an alternate water supply project for Cambria has now been delayed until May 18, 2015. In addition, according to CCSD engineer Bob Gresens, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) is asking the CCSD to pay an additional $400,000 to $500,000 to complete the EIR/EIS, as they have apparently exhausted the funding allocated to complete it.

Given the drought situation we, and many in our state face, we simply cannot keep going down the road to nowhere; something has to be done. We can’t afford to wait, nor rely upon the ACE to fulfill the much expected and way overdue EIR/EIS. There are other solutions, and it’s time for them to be addressed.

Cambrians have been waiting far too long for an additional water supply, and have spent too much time and money pursuing desalination, with no results.  Cambrians for Change is attempting to look at alternatives the CCSD has not put on the table. In a future meeting, we anticipate looking into other possibilities, including tertiary treatment (which our neighbors in San Simeon have implemented).

I have invited the CCSD board, as well as the general manager and engineer, to attend this meeting. It is my hope that we can come together as a community and work on a viable solution(s) to the never-ending issue of water in our town.

Please come and join in the discussion and see if we can help Cambria get on track for serious solutions to our very desperate water supply situation.

Tina Dickason

Cambrians for Change

Thank You for …

The Thank You for … Festival is coming! The Thank You for … Festival is coming!

There are so many reasons to say “thank you”— and now is the time to order your “Thank You for …” sign(s) so you can participate in the annual “Thank You for … Festival” sponsored by the Cambria Grammar School YMCA after school-program.

All you need to do is order lots of “Thank You for …” signs and the kids will take care of the creativity. Our 94 students put together the 600 envelopes containing a Thank You for … Festival flyer and order form. Look for it to arrive in your mail this week, if you haven’t already received it.

If you want to place an order for a “Thank You for …” sign and do not receive an envelope in the mail, please contact Stephanie “JoJo” Stacy by email at or call 927-4272 for more information.

Stephanie Stacy


Kettle full of thanks

I would again like to extend a big thank you to all who made donations in the red kettles during this holiday season. A special thanks to the Cookie Crock market for their $5 coupon offer which helped make this a very successful year for collections.

Ninety percent of the cash and checks that were deposited in the kettles will be used solely in our community during 2014. Again, thanks to the Cookie Crock market and the post office for allowing us to incessantly ring the bell on their premises.

Thanks also to the White Caps Salvation Army Band for playing Christmas music at the Cookie Crock.

And finally, thank you to the following list of bell ringers, all of whom are volunteers, many of whom have been helping out for years: Mary Adamson, Ruthanne Anderson, John Angel, Jim Battles, Peter Chaldecott, Art Chapman, Jean Chinnici, Bob Clunie, Lis Covello, Barbara Crowley, Don Dallmann, Linda Douglas, Carmelle Dowdle, Betty & Ken Eberle, Joann & Dave Evans, Terry & Jeri Farrell, Dan Field, Marion Fitzgerald, Carol Frane, Barbara & Marshall Gilston, Shirley Green, Addie Guidi, Bob Heald, Barbara Heki, Ray Hopkins, Georgianne Jackson, Kristi Jenkins, Betty & Tom Johnson, Bill Johnson, Rose Kassler, Bob Kelley, George Keenan, Barbara & Dave Kier, David Lacey, Bob Lennan, Teri Lord, Kathleen Marlo, Abel Martinez, Barb Mayberry, Ralph McAdams, Dan & Linda McDonald, Samantha & Ethan McDowell, Jerry McKinnon, Mike McLaughlin, Doreen Minick, Darcy Moreno, Mary Ann Mullen, Tom Parsons, Dave & Karen Pearson, Maye & Richard Pierpont, Mike Pope, Bob & Daun Putney, Erv & Ann Rodgers, Tish Rogers, Mike Scharrar, Lynne Singer, John Smart, Claudia Solomon, Doug Spelts, Greg Stone, Susan Stuczynski, John Tays, Vito Tullo, Mac Van Duzer, Art Van Rhyn, Ruben Villalobos, Mike Walsh, and Joe Zenk.

Jim Rogers

The Salvation Army, Cambria

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