Letter to the Editor

Dangerous cargo

San Luis ObispoJanuary 10, 2014 

The Jan. 4 article, “Despite fiery crashes, train safety delayed” should be taken as a clarion call to action.

In Quebec, an entire town of 6,000 was incinerated — wiped from the face of the earth — by a train of Bakken crude coming from North Dakota.

If all goes according to plan, 80 tank-car trains of crude from undisclosed sources, but most likely explosive Bakken crude, are going to cross San Luis Obispo daily. One derailment on a hot summer day where the train crosses over Monterey via the old, rusty bridge could destroy most of the uptown area. Or, even more horrifying, passing the Cal Poly stadium during a football game?

If the Phillips 66 refinery has its way, rolling bombs will descend the grade each day. Some of the cars will be the new, safer variety, and some not, because the Federal Government has done nothing to force safety improvements in shipping oil.

Would people who liken their community to paradise care for an instant conversion to hell?

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