Cambrian Letters to the Editor Dec. 26

December 26, 2013 

Bikes for Tikes

I want to submit a letter of thanks to Jim Ellman and the Bikes for Tikes program in Cambria. The second week of December, I was asked if I could make a run to pick up some bikes being donated for needy children.

When I got to my destination I was amazed to find out that there were 16 bikes to pick up and distribute to children in Cambria; some new, others refurbished.

I was able to talk with Jim and discover how much time and thought he puts into this project. He has a purposeful process about where bikes come from and where and whom they go to.

He gathers information on the children and uses this in matching the bike size and bike style to each recipient. He has been doing this 15 years with the primary purpose being to simply give free bikes to children and adults in need.

He does not accept cash donations — only bikes and helmets. I am grateful to have this program in Cambria and to have Jim Ellman as a member of our community.

Kyle Martin, principal
Santa Lucia Middle School

Empty Bowls filled

We would like to thank the community of Cambria for helping to make our Empty Bowls event a huge success. The students in the 3-D Design class at Coast Union High School, Santa Lucia Middle School art students and Leffingwell High School students, along with eight Cambria ceramists, made and donated 75 beautiful, ceramic bowls to the event.

Cambrians kindly donated $20 for a bowl of their choosing and also received a cup of soup in their handmade bowl. Clam chowder was generously donated by Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill and minestrone soup was made by John Rivera.

Lucky and Ashley Gracey enthusiastically offered their charming Garden Shed courtyard for the evening of the Empty Bowls event and the Cambria Chamber of Commerce helped spread the word of this grand happening which took place on Hospitality Night.

Empty Bowls events take place worldwide and work to raise awareness of food insecurity locally, nationally and around the world (go to for more information).

This Empty Bowls event raised $1,667 which was donated to Cambria’s Food Bank. That’s Cambrians helping Cambrians.

We thank you.

Suzette Morrow,
art teacher at Coast Union High and Santa Lucia Middle schools Stephanie Arehart,
art teacher at Cambria Grammar and Leffingwell High schools

Thanks for donations

I am a student at Santa Lucia Middle School and I attended the Cambria Community Council meeting last month. We went to ask for a grant so that our leadership class could attend a leadership camp.

We were amazed at all the organizations that also came to ask for grants. We found out that all the grant money they give comes from people in the community, and all of it is donated.

We have been on field trips to Rancho El Chorro, Yosemite and soon we will go to the eighth-grade field trip to San Francisco.

The Community Council also raises money to give to animals, the elderly, the library and many more organizations in town. I want to thank the community for giving the money to the Community Council Open Heart drive so that we can do great things.

Thank you a lot,

Crystal Martinez
Santa Lucia Middle School Leadership student

Let ’em have them

It does seem strange that some people haven’t thought about the repercussions of the “free birth-control” pills for a lot of people that don’t want to work.

In 20 years, their population will be diminished.

That’s a good thing.

David Manion

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