Letter to the Editor

Frat-house bubble

TempletonDecember 26, 2013 

Mike Morgan, in the last paragraph of his “Minority pandering” letter, asks to be corrected if he is wrong. Yes, there is the right of free speech, which we as Americans all cherish, but here are college-sanctioned fraternities engaging in hurtful and racist behavior, as so well observed by Joe Tarica. What if instead of clueless bad judgment, there was hate speech? Here is a teachable moment for these college kids, since they apparently haven’t yet learned civility, empathy and respect — skills that will serve them well in the world outside the frathouse bubble.

Mr. Morgan also complains about the lack of a conservative voice in The Tribune, yet Charles Krauthammer and Victor Davis Hanson are frequent contributors. Not conservative enough? Krauthammer is chapter-and-verse Fox News, and Hanson is a mouthpiece for the Hoover Institution. A good newspaper offends all of the people some of the time. If I don’t like these guys, I can choose whether or not to read their columns, and the same goes for Mike Morgan and his preferences. Keep up the great work, Tribune.

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