Letter to the Editor

Feeling unwelcome

Grover BeachDecember 24, 2013 

I felt very unwelcome Dec. 14 coming to San Luis Obispo, the “happiest city in America,” to watch my daughter’s AYSO soccer tournament at the Damon Garcia sports field.

As we looked for parking with the parking lot full, we started toward the Marigold Shopping Center. At all entrances there were sign boards up saying, “No AYSO parking,” with AYSO in the middle of a red circle with a line through it. Nice. Here, I planned to pick up doughnuts, coffee and snacks for later that afternoon. Wrong: Every business in there obviously is doing great in this hard economy and doesn’t need or want my business.

I parked on the street where I could. Others got their cars towed later that day by your fine officers. Shame on you businesses, police and San Luis Obispo. I will never shop there. Who builds a sports complex with 50 parking spots anyway?

Locals only — we get it. Merry Christmas.

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