Letter to the Editor

Don’t sell water firm

Arroyo GrandeDecember 23, 2013 

As Rural Water Co. customers, it is in our best interests to protest the proposed sale of the Rural Water Co. to the Golden State Water Co.

In the first place, with the sale to a larger company with headquarters farther away, we will substantially lose our ability to participate in company meetings and decisions with which we disagree.

In the second place, the Golden State Water Co. has already agreed to pay for a part of the proposed water pipeline between Santa Maria and Nipomo with the cost being passed on to former Rural Water Co. customers in the form of increased water rates. This pipeline will not provide any additional water to our area, but will just force us to pay part of the cost of Nipomo’s water supply. The pipeline plan has already been rejected and voted down in a referendum by all the parties concerned. The sale of our water company appears to be another sneaky way to overthrow the results of that referendum.

To oppose the sale, write to the California Public Utility Commission: Public Advisors office, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102 or email public. advisor@  cpuc.ca.gov   and reference Golden State Water Co. and Rural Water Co., joint application number 13-10-11.

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