Letter to the Editor

Council facts

Morro BayDecember 16, 2013 

In appreciation of Janice Peters’ desire for facts (Dec. 9), let me correct hers:

Fact: The cost of the wastewater treatment plant was not “budgeted into the bills;” annual bill increases were to cover collection system upgrades. The cost of the plant was to be added when the state loan is borrowed.

Fact: “the extensive rebuttal report” had been sent to California Coastal Commission staff and copied to the commissioners in the week prior to the CCC hearing; it’s faulty to imply the CCC had “incomplete or inaccurate information.”

Fact: When Peters’ council severed relations with city manager Bob Hendrix, “no succession plan was in place;” why is she criticizing the current council for doing as she did?

Fact: While city attorney Rob Schultz’s “outside consultations” had the “approval of each City Council,” the consultations were curtailed by the council; therefore, to say it “never infringed on his work for Morro Bay” is imprecise.

Fact: Jamie Irons’ “personally selected attorney” was approved by the City Council as a whole subsequent to the council delegating him the authority on their behalf. This is not unlike when council delegated authority to Peters to act on its behalf.

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