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Profound ‘Pool ’63’

San Luis ObispoDecember 10, 2013 

Jayde Forzetting as Grace Jackson and other cast members during a “Pool ’63” rehearsal.

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If you are looking for a profound way to celebrate this final month of 2013, please go see the Cuesta College production of, “Pool ’63.”

This amazing drama comes from a curriculum called, “Devised Theatre,” and deals with our nation’s history of racial relations — both gigantic tasks. The performance lasts less than an hour and is packed with every kind of emotion, horror, deep sadness and some great humor.

With the exception of one or two of the faculty, no one in the cast or crew lived during this time in our history. Yet through their diligent research and creative genius, they have fashioned a theater piece that is worthy of the finest stage. While the issues are complex the story is simple.

We are going again and taking our adolescent grandchildren, as this show is a great conversation starter. The venue is small and could sell out, so get your tickets soon.

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