Ad from 1955: Who wants 24-hour makeup?

Posted by David Middlecamp on December 6, 2013 

Advertisement for Coty 24 lipstick, a 1955 product that offered better living through modern technology.


No one wants to wake up ugly.

Coty 24 lipstick claimed in this Feb. 21, 1955, advertisement that their customers would "Wake up Beautiful with 'alive' color glowing on your lips!"

Admittedly I am a dude with weak fashion sense and had no idea there was an overnight makeup crisis.

Perhaps it was presumptuous to assume most folks sleep like me, eyes closed; during that time no one can see makeup.

When I wake up, my observational skills are minimal Neanderthal level until the first cup of coffee and shower have taken effect.

Clearly there is, at minimum, a solid nine-hour window where makeup has no effect.

Some say my observational skills are even worse. Notice there is no argument from me.

I must confess, the need for 24-hour makeup baffles me.

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