Letter to the Editor

Wine and water

Paso RoblesDecember 4, 2013 

Wow! I didn’t know, Ms. Steinbeck, that our groundwater was being depleted by well-financed entrepreneurs seeking to sell or export it. Thank you for that brilliant analysis. However, the only local “well-financed” companies that I am aware of that sell water commercially are the corporate owners of Justin, and those vineyards that want unlimited pumping to turn the groundwater into wine.

These same entities have now formed two new special interest groups, POWR and PRWIN, to try to protect their position.

Has The Tribune tried to discover what landowners or corporations make up these two groups that have filed lawsuits against the urgency order? I would like to know the members of these two groups. I purchase quite a bit of wine from different vendors locally, but I do not want to support any vineyard/ winery that wants to drain my well dry to fatten its bottom line.

But wait, I know how we can find out — let’s ask Debbie Arnold who the players are. She agrees with their position, has stated publicly she attends their meetings and seems to be best of friends with Ms. Cindy Steinbeck. If anyone would know, it would be her.

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