Letter to the Editor

Flier of lies

Morro BayDecember 4, 2013 

How can I count the lies on a recent flier sent to Morro Bay residents?

Lie No. 1: Who voted to raise your sewer bill? Janice Peters and her majority on the City Council back in 2007 voted to raise your sewer bill by 5 percent every January, with no end in sight.

Lie No. 2: Jamie Irons never “demanded that the Coastal Commission deny our planned sewer plant.” Coastal Commission staff had already written a scathing negative report about our consultant and staff plans to build new infrastructure next to the ocean, even with predicted sea level rise.

Lie No. 3: This flyer uses the logo for The Tribune (did they ask the newspaper for permission to use their logo?). Please remember that The Tribune recently published its own editorial supporting Jamie Irons and telling people to not sign the recall petitions.

Finally, the San Luis Obispo County Clerk in charge of elections confirmed that this recall election could not take place until after March 7 — likely even later. Jamie Irons must face re-election in our June primary, and we can vote him out then.

Don’t sign the petition and bring even more animosity and heartache to our lovely city. Let this rest and vote in June.

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