Letter to the Editor

Thanksgiving lesson

Deputy governor, Santa Barbara Colony, General Society of Mayflower Descendants in CaliforniaDecember 1, 2013 

Apparently the writers of the ABC show “Castle” were once silly Greeks. The Nov. 25 show ends with Beckett coming over to Castle’s home dressed as an Indian woman and she tosses Castle a Pilgrim costume. Joetopia tried to give a little history, but left out a few details. The celebration after surviving the first winter was attended by “King Massaoit and some 90 men which for three days we entertained and feasted,” according to a letter by Edward Winslow. His new wife, Susanna (widowed from the harsh winter), and three other surviving adult women Mayflower passengers were the only women who were there. My source is http://mayflowerhistory.com. The Pilgrims called all the Indian chiefs “king” as a sign of respect. I would be happy to help spread the true story of Thanksgiving.

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