Letter to the Editor

Rethink sewer plant

CupertinoNovember 27, 2013 

Having vacationed in the Morro Bay area for the past 60 years, I was glad to hear that the power plant was finally being decommissioned. I envisioned an expanded waterfront at that location with fine restaurants, shops and perhaps an hotel at the north end with access to the beach. A scaleddown Cannery Row, if you will, bringing in tourist dollars and creating jobs for the city and county. More fishing charters and whale-watching boats.

Then I read that the City Council was considering putting a sewer plant at that location. Sewer plants stink, and the odor will drift over adjacent properties regardless how much odor abatement equipment is installed. The stench will drive tourists and locals alike to other areas for shopping and dining. I worked eight miles away from the sewer plant in Alviso, serving San Jose and the south peninsula, and the stench occasionally drifted that far. The City Council needs to rethink the location of the sewer plant and place it at a distant location, such as the hills above the abandoned Standard Oil pier.

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