Letter to the Editor

Poor should get a job

Los OsosNovember 19, 2013 

In response to Joe Morris’ letter of Nov. 15, in which he asks what poor people will do for a meal after the Thanksgiving feast they receive:

In the old days, they would look for a job. I realize that there are disabled people who can’t work — they get checks, SNAP cards, etc. Jobs are hard to find, you say? Could it be that California has been mismanaged? With “progressive” Democrats running the show for almost 30 years, high taxes, red tape and over-the-top environmentalism have chased businesses and jobs out of the state while drawing in more poor immigrants. California, which has more assets and resources than any other state, now has the largest percentage of people in poverty. This is terribly wrong.

Thanks to “progressive” policies, this road leads to places like Greece, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Chicago and Detroit.

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