Letter to the Editor

The majesty of whales

Arroyo GrandeNovember 17, 2013 

Can mere words capture a visual picture of one of the earth’s most remarkable mammals as it swims in our oceans questing for a life of acceptance?

The whale today lives, sadly, in a world that has become a place of danger. Each year, some thousands have been killed being entangled in fishing nets or struck by ships that ply these waters. Though there have been efforts to save the whales, there are many who pursue a source of profit on these same waters.

To see these gentle giants slip effortlessly through deepening seas and realize that here was a mammal that had begun life millennia ago in the sea and then moved out on land. Through another evolutionary quirk, some came back to the world’s oceans, where they confront us today.

The splash of a sounding whale creates in the minds of those who are spectators just how wonderful these creatures are.

This is what happened recently in Avila Beach when we were visited by a pod of humpbacks to the astonishment of those thousands that came to see and marvel.

It is time that something positive is done to save these wondrous creatures.

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