Letter to the Editor

Thanks, millionaires

San Luis ObispoNovember 12, 2013 

With all this public anger — our Congress gridlocked, our president beleaguered, and even our beloved Harry Potter failing the Bechdel Test of feminists — is there anything to be thankful for this Thanksgiving beyond family and friends? Yes, certainly: California millionaires.

These millionaires, via Proposition 63, are providing increased funding at many agencies to address the ravages of mental illness and to restore dignity to those suffering from it. We milk millionaires, ironically, for the same reason robbers rob banks — because that’s where the money is.

But we don’t thank robbers. Our millionaires, on the contrary — both the willing and the reluctant — enable indispensable services for those suffering serious psychiatric problems, including an increased awareness of the debilitating stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

This Thanksgiving, my family and friends will gratefully toast our California millionaires in appreciation for their generosity that provides hope and restores dignity to so many of our own.

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