Letter to the Editor

Amateur hour

Morro BayNovember 6, 2013 

It is becoming almost comical, in a very sad sort of way, to watch these continuous special City Council meetings in Morro Bay. Of particular note was the meeting Oct. 29, where the conversation included one of the council members reporting doing a Google search to find an interim city attorney to cover once Bob Schultz was fired.

Things got even more ridiculous as the conversation focused on the possibility of contracting with some other local city attorney, and Mr. Schultz had to step in and guide them as to who works where and what their availabilities might be. It was like watching Amateur Hour.

Of course, this is all a moot point now that Mr. Schultz has been placed on administrative leave. So we have a qualified city attorney on leave and we are doing a Google search to replace him. What a waste of money for a city that has many services/projects to fund including a very expensive sewer plant ($34 million when Mayor Jamie Irons took office, now projected at $90 million or more) and we still do not have the funds to do street repairs. Shame on the three of you.

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