Letter to the Editor

Wacky liberals

Santa MargaritaNovember 6, 2013 

Dagnabbit. If Transportation Security Administration agents were armed and random citizens had ready access to their fully loaded weapons (instead of having to go to the trouble of concealing them in their bags), we could have had the LAX shooter dead instead of merely wounded, thereby saving the cost of his medical expenses, trial and incarceration.

Admittedly, with so many armed folks firing their weapons in the enclosed space of an airline terminal, there would have been some collateral damage of innocent bystanders and noncriminal shooters who couldn’t be distinguished from the bad guy by other noncriminal shooters but, hey, you take a risk every time you leave home.

And still those wacky liberals think the National Rifle Association guys are nuts when they complain about there not being guns everywhere.

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