Letter to the Editor

Poly, be responsible

San Luis ObispoNovember 1, 2013 

Is the legal drinking age in California still 21? Since most Cal Poly students are 18 to 22, does a pub make sense? Why do this? To be cool? To teach students to drink responsibly, as the beer and vodka companies put in all their ads — as if these students weren’t already responsible, as evident by their excellent grades and subsequent successful careers in architecture, engineering, business, math, science, etc.?

Cal Poly has discussed drinking many times: when Carson Starkey died, at the beginning of the year with new students and more.

Alcohol destroys the brain. It is insidious and vicious. Yet there is often pressure on those who don’t drink to loosen up and join in.

If San Luis Obispo is concerned about the number of students attending the downtown bars, it should make more of an effort to identify fake IDs. If such drinking remains a problem, perhaps we should find those students having difficulty and care a little more about why they want to destroy themselves this way. As hosts who benefit from the revenue and fame these students bring to our town, we may have some responsibility for their safety and well-being.

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