Letter to the Editor

Don’t ban Airbnb

San Luis ObispoOctober 31, 2013 

Airbnb.com’s system selects considerate guests. After an Airbnb trip, my host reviews me. If I came in singing at 3 a.m., a future host would decline my request to rent. Most renters are young professionals from around the world. Even the current issue of AARP Magazine praises Airbnb.

Before upscale bed and breakfasts in old Victorian houses, there were networks of private homeowners renting a room or two, feeding you breakfast, giving good advice on attractions and restaurants, and sending you out for the day. These were generally elderly folks trying to make ends meet and remain in their homes. Airbnb is simply the modern equivalent, with better screening options for the homeowner.

Many travelers prefer staying in private homes. They still will explore the area and spend money locally.

Please do what is needed to make this workable. Put in appropriate regulations and taxes if needed to allow modern bed-andbreakfast networks to function in our city.

We are a well-known town on an international level. I’d hate to see the headlines saying that San Luis Obispo has banned these well-known, popular travel opportunities. Let’s not develop the reputation of being happy snobs.

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