Letter to the Editor

U.S. Postal Service

AtascaderoOctober 30, 2013 

In response to Denny Barringer’s letter of Oct. 23, “Shut down the USPS”:

The Postal Service has the biggest rolling fleet in the world. These other companies do not. They may want L.A., New York, etc., but not Montana, the Dakotas, etc., so you still have to have a post office. The Saturday delivery needs to stop — big money savings.

I have many friends who do not have or want a PC. And who wants to read their magazines on a PC? I don’t. The board that runs the USPS needs to be proactive in letting it do what needs to be done. For those who don’t know, there is a governing board that OKs or stops what the postal service wants to do. They seem to listen to government, not the people or the experts on what needs to be done.

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