Letter to the Editor

Drunken bouquet

San SimeonOctober 30, 2013 

Oh my goodness — what a heady week. Cal Poly announced the possibility of a pub on campus. And right on the heels of that proposition, The Tribune distributed a giddy “hops” bouquet to the pub people, indicating that they are completely in tune with the wishes of parents everywhere who want the assurance that their offspring will puke their way through college. Or at least get sexually assaulted. Coolness.

The Tribune’s rationale for dispensing drunken bouquets is just a tiny bit of NIMBY-ism — a keep-all-the-drunken-students-on-campus-and-not-urinating-on-Higuera type of thing — but “isms” being essential to academia and the press, we can only applaud the lofty wisdom of both noble institutions. Never mind that across from the floral-tossing editorial of Oct. 25 is a more sober commentary in which the writer calls for “good, honest journalists,” because “society needs journalists who can tell hard truths.”

Hard truth isn’t easy to dispense: “It don’t come in a shot glass,” according to Amy Winehouse, who died from too many of the latter.

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