Letter to the Editor

March of tech

TempletonOctober 29, 2013 

Ah: personal computers and cell phones. Such a double-edged sword in my estimation. I have both; use both.

At 47, I consider myself to be part of the last generation of people who hopefully still see the beauty in heartfelt, handwritten letters, in the profound enjoyment of turning a book’s paper page and in expressing myself with a bounty of words that are spelled gloriously correct; text or no text.

I am dismayed every time I watch a little bit more of what makes us connected in the flesh, disappear in favor of a technological existence. Sad to witness devices becoming ever-more important than actual contact with the person right in front of us.

I am pleased to live my life quietly and privately without thought to Facebook. I still see the respect inherent in a handwritten, mailed thank-you card. I believe that it’s important to seek out, individually, the people who are important to me. I see no redeeming value in choosing my cell phone over active participation with my environment.

In a world where kids already believe strangers to be their “friends,” how long before they have no handwritten mementos to put in their scrapbooks?

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