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Not just for dogs

Los OsosOctober 28, 2013 

Wally, a Great Dane, tries to get his stick back from Benny, a Welsh corgi, during the grand opening of the Vineyard Dog Park in Templeton in 2009.

NICK LUCERO — The Tribune Buy Photo

Richard Dunn recently wrote to ask that the fenced, off-leash dog park by the Cayucos Cemetery be gotten rid of because “dog owners should own backyards,” and proposes, instead, that the area be turned into a community garden so a dozen people could grow veggies. (Isn’t that what backyards are for?)

Like a lot of people, Mr. Dunn may mistakenly think that dog parks are for dogs. They’re not. They’re intensely social people parks that also welcome dogs. There are approximately eight, soon to be nine, fenced, off-leash dog parks in the county, all heavily used, very popular and well cared for by volunteers. The Cayucos dog park is no exception.

As for Mr. Dunn’s idea of a community garden, that would certainly be a wonderful addition and perhaps could be built in the empty space next to the dog park. Perhaps he could contact the county and make that happen.

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