Letter to the Editor

Not rural, not fair

Los OsosOctober 28, 2013 

I appreciate the attention the Fire Prevention Fee has generated and is being reported on in your newspaper. The editor of the Opinion page wrote about it on Oct. 17. She didn’t do her homework.

Her statement: “It’s only fair that residents who choose to live in rural, fire-prone areas pay a fee to help defray additional fire prevention services that will better ensure their safety.”

Clearly, this editor did no real research on who is rural. I invite her to check out my house, 1017 Bay Oaks Drive in Los Osos. I live in downtown Los Osos. I live across from the fire station, and all the homes to the right of my street and all of the homes directly across the street from me, including the fire station are outside the fee district. How could I be rural and those next to me not be?

The editor talks about fairness. Check out the maps — there is no fairness here. This is the second article in The Tribune stating that this fee is for rural homes (see Oct. 8 and Oct. 17).

I am not rural.

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