Letter to the Editor

Problems at People’s Kitchen

Grover BeachOctober 27, 2013 

I keep seeing opinions about the People’s Kitchen and how it was wronged. Here’s the facts which most people don’t know because they haven’t gone to any of the City Hall meetings.

According to the Grover Beach Police Department, 26 percent of response calls are to the area where the People’s Kitchen is now located, since it opened. There are photos of drug usage, drinking and a man urinating in the parking lot. All of this while the kitchen is open. If you were to go to the location on any day, you would see around 20 people under the age of 30, most of them smoking cigarettes. Say $5 a pack, $5 times 30 is $150. So they can afford $150 on smokes, but not on food?

I understand there are people who really need the help, but a “poor me” campaign as to them being picked on has truly mislead the general public as to what’s really going on there and why the community wants it moved. Not closed — moved.

Before you go pointing fingers and saying shame for thinking logically, think about this: Why isn’t anyone in the community eagerly opening their doors to a new location for the People’s Kitchen?

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