Letter to the Editor

Give health care site a chance

Los OsosOctober 27, 2013 

OK, we are all ticked off about the Affordable Care Act websites not working smoothly. Yes, this includes me. I just want to point out that if you have tried using insurance company websites, it certainly is not much better. This morning, I spent a full two hours just trying to review and refill prescriptions at Silver-Script and Express Scripts for myself, my father and my uncle. I don’t believe I was trying to do anything unusual, yet navigation was very difficult, speeds were slow, information not consistent and when I finally got to an action page, there was nothing there, and on and on. And yes, I have the settings correct on my browser (cookies, java, etc.), and have even tried using three different browsers to use these sites. I won’t even go into the mistakes these mail-order pharmacies have made in the past two years. So don’t be too hard on “Obamacare” just yet. It seems it is just par for the course.

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