Letter to the Editor

Expect an answer

Los OsosOctober 25, 2013 

Has anyone else tired of Jay Carney? I certainly have. I mean, why even have a press conference where reporters’ questions are simply left unanswered? Instead, hard questions regarding the state of the union are met with a snippy non-answer much more like a scolding for asking a direct question about what the president (king) is doing behind the curtain.

Carney is a public servant, and so is Barack Obama. When we ask a question about the U.S. government, we should expect an answer. We should not be referred to some bureaucracy as Carney is so wont to do.

Ask Carney the president’s favorite color, and he’s all over it. He will give a straight answer with a smile. This is the kind of question Obama gets from the mainstream media.

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