Letter to the Editor

Shutdown waste

AtascaderoOctober 24, 2013 

The Tea Party’s “government shutdown” cost taxpayers $24 billion. Put into perspective, Barack Obama used about the same amount of money to rescue GM and Chrysler, which saved not only two American car companies, but tens of thousands of good American jobs. And we got all that money back, with interest. “Teapublicans” vociferously opposed Obama then. Now they want to “defund” Affordable Health Care. (Or was it stop raising the debt ceiling?) When you count the things they are against, you only need ask, “What is Obama for?”

What they wasted on the shutdown could have funded the nation’s food stamp program several times over — which they cut — or health care — which they claim America can’t afford. It would even fund the most advanced projects of NASA, America’s most visionary jobs creator.

When they again play “trick or treat” with the American people, I hope we will remember their real agenda. After all, it isn’t America’s debt, since $24 billion apparently doesn’t seem too much to them just to save John Boehner’s job as Speaker of the House.

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